Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Designer

🕥  1-5y experience, Full-time position, Permanent contract
📍  Paris 10 preferred, open to Remote (CET +/- 2h)
💰  45-55k€ + meaningful equity, ✓ Top 20% earner verified by Figures


Why is this role awesome?

Work on a category defining product, between social and gaming. Joining us is the best way to:

  • Be part of a true product & design-centric company. We love our craft, everything we do is to create the best product, ever! You will never do useless stuff nor bad personas ;)
  • Tackle exciting new challenges like creating a product from scratch, being in charge of the whole user experience, collaborating with 3D artists, shaping new features to balance a 10x better utility with fun, getting to know deeply gen-z users & fostering social mechanics that improve inner-groups communication.
  • Be very early & have an impact on the app, the art, the user experience, the users, and the company. Surrounded by the 🐐 goat (= amazing concept artist/engineering/product teams) & shipping at the speed of light ⚡ (= more learning).
  • Bring virtual worlds to everyday people & make communication more alive. No need to be a gamer, just passionate about cracking these problems. More on our vision in
    Work at uKu
    Work at uKu

Meet your future manager (and the app)

... and find out how talkative he is! good news: you can either read or speed him up.. just sayin’ ;)

You will blossom if...

  • Experienced - you are in between a Product Designer & a Product Manager, with moderate experience (+1-5y or have an extra-ordinary track record), have a strong product sense, love talking to users, have a great style and understand business needs. Aka: there is not a week without one of your teammates asking for your take.
  • Creative & organised - you have a keen eye for details, love great design, know how to bring emotion & depth into users’ daily interactions while fighting for better processes. Aka: you are very creative & always diverge before pushing for a solution.
  • Growth mindset - you are passionate, curious and analytical. You are quick to identify potential issues and come up with a better plan. You leverage your creativity to find original and pragmatic solutions. Aka: you read, try, experiment & always find new smart solutions to user problems
  • Low ego, high impact - you are never satisfied with status quo, you fight for the best ideas to win but you know how to operate in a team, even disagree & commit when necessary. You are reliable, accountable and help the whole team win. Aka: you have an impact both at the individual & team level, people fight to have you with them
  • Excellent communicator - you are able to speak and write English fluently, summarise and present your ideas clearly, you know when to ask for help or give feedbacks. Aka: you never heard yet someone telling you “I don’t understand what you mean”
  • Shared values - you want to join an international and diverse team because you know that talent does not depend on the place you are born in. Aka: you thrive at the contact of diverse & passionate people

Who are we looking for?

We don’t care about your degrees or location, we are looking for the best people around here. Here is a few things we will seek:

  • The first Product Designer joining the product team (work closely w/ Daniel in charge of creative direction & arts + Olivier in charge of the product). You have a prior experience (1-5y) designing digital products and/or mobile apps.
  • Love great design and wildly creative experiences. You know how to diverge with artists to create simple and emotional designs, bringing joy and delight to everyday communication. You’ll be in charge of the whole user experience & UI design of the app. You may draw flows, screens, some illustrations and “gameplays”.
  • Collaborate with Artists & Engineers towards solutions, balancing out creativity, pragmatism & polish. We are building a product that needs a strong core experience to win its market, we love polishing, but only the right things.
  • Fluent in 3D design. You know how to collaborate with talented concept artists, 3D modelers and animators. Joining us, you’ll be lucky enough to work with Daniel and Makata studio. Even better if you are able to design some assets yourself 😍.
  • Start with why & fantastic ability to understand users: we are huge believers in discovery practices. We want someone who knows how to ask good questions, use virtuous silence & observe them thoroughly to find the right opportunities. You care for more than design quality.
  • Good knowledge of delivery methods (Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban, Shape-Up) & an open-mind on the topic. At uku, we see our method like a product: we implement the minimal artefacts that solve our current problems.
  • Fluent english: written and spoken
  • Bonus points:
    • You are passionate about communication & social
    • You have prior experience working on games or mobile apps
    • You have already worked for gen-z users
    • You love talking to users (you can’t never have enough)
    • You love using Notion (our entire company is in it)
    • You have an analytical mind & are used to work with tools like Segment, June or Amplitude.


👩‍💻 Product stuff

⚙️  What is the current stack & tools?
👯‍♂️ What is the current team?
📱  Which platforms are you targeting?
🤔 How do we work on product?
👶  What stage is the product at?

🖖 How do we work?

🕵️  How do we interview people?
🤩 What do we look for in teammates?
👩‍💻 How do we build products?
💰  Have you raised money?
📍 Where do we work?
😎 What are the perks & benefits?

Wtf is uKu?

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